Eli's Story

Glints of Determination and Grit

A mother murdered.

A father shot 8 times, then hospitalized for a full year.

A family driven from their home to start a new life in an unfamiliar land.

The upheaval and tragedy of Eli Mirzeoff’s early life didn’t drag him down. On the contrary, it propelled him forward, becoming the drive behind his ultimate success.

Born into a prominent family in Pakistan in 1941. Eli’s early life was idyllic – until the fateful day in 1947 when fundamentalists attack his neighborhood in the rampage and terror, his mother was murdered, and his father critically.

Starting fresh with the familiar

In Bombay, the Mirzoeffs rolled up their sleeves and started to build a new life for themselves with what they knew — merchandising: selling fine carpets and other goods, including gemstones.

It was gemstones that caught the eye — and heart — of 11-year-old Eli. Despite his youth, he threw himself into his father’s business, starting with odd jobs and taking on any task related to those sparkling colored stones.

His work ethic and sense of responsibility for his age earned him the respect of customers and the beloved nickname “Baba — hindi for father.

His work ethic and sense of responsibility for his age earned him the respect of customers and the beloved nickname “Baba — hindi for father.

Building expertise and building a name — crossing new horizons

It wasn’t long before the strapping young man was straddling the corners of the world — scouting rubies in Burma, evaluating sapphires in Sri Lanka, and choosing emeralds in Colombia, then trading them in marketplaces across Europe, the Middle East, China, and America.

With his diligence to his craft and his discerning eye, Eli soon became one of the world’s foremost experts in colored stones, with specific expertise in emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.

On one of his travels, Eli was taken by an American beauty, Susan, from a European family living in New York. It wasn’t long before the two married and she became his partner in his travels.

The family settled first in Germany, then Milan, and finally returned to the US. Here, Eli formally established his jewelry and stone business in 1972, devoting time to his growing family as he continued his world-wide treks.

Adam's Story

A Mission Fueled by Passion

A father’s dream.

A son’s resolve.

Another branch of the family — and the business — burgeons.

Born Into Legacy

In 1972, Eli celebrated two life-defining milestones:

The move to office space at 580 5th Avenue and the birth of his only son, Adam.

These two events were intertwined from the very beginning. From a small one-room space in jewelry’s most iconic building, Eli’s business thrived. And, as he doted on his young son, Eli was clear in his intention: Adam would one day take his place in the office, carrying the torch of the family’s passion.

Recognizing his role

At age five, Adam had the incredible opportunity to spend his afternoons at his dad’s office on 5th Avenue. For Adam, these afternoons were sacred as he would often imagine himself as a successful businessperson, working alongside his dad and becoming an integral part of the family business.

It was as if, despite his young age, he understood what he was meant to do.

After college and studying abroad for several years — and choosing his own wife, the lovely Canadian, Eve (as fate would have it), in 1993 — Adam was ready.

Charting a new course

In 1994, Adam entered a rigorous program at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), where he fine-tuned his skills in evaluating gemstones.

Now a certified gemologist — the highest level of education in the industry — Adam’s studies also awakened a fervor within him for the mystical allure of diamonds and precious stones.

With his father’s blessing, Adam headed to Israel and Belgium to garner as much knowledge and experience in diamonds in the very best way: by buying them.

Precision and expertise

At the time, with no standardization in the industry, no gradings or certifications to rely on, Adam was forced to become the expert — and he rose to the occasion.

Scores of brokers would await Adam at marketplaces, eager for his eyes on their prize. With equal amounts of patience and skill, Adam would carefully scrutinize each gem and deliberately make his selections. Later, at high-end jewelers and department stores from Hong Kong to Dubai to Los Angeles, Adam would lead trunk shows, dazzling attendees with the special stones he procured.

The Family's Story

In the early 2000s, Eli and Adam merged the two arms of gemstones and diamonds, creating a singular source for exquisite jewelry

The response was overwhelming. Stores, brokers, Sheiks, royals, entrepreneurs, and magnates alike clamored for formal pieces showcasing beautiful, rare stones. They were all drawn to the father-son duo and the business, grounded in both expertise and integrity, that they had built together.

From age 5, Adam would tag along with Eli on days off from school, spending afternoons shuffling papers and playing with shiny stones under his dad’s desk on 5th Avenue.

It was as if, despite his young age, he understood what he was meant to do.

Over time, the Mirzoeff’s specialties have evolved to include estate and antique sales. Eli and Adam also advise clients on resetting their unworn pieces — Mom’s old wedding band, Granny’s favorite brooch — breathing new life into them as classic, current jewelry.

Their ultimate joy is seeing a stunning jewel in a design and setting that befits its beauty — and seeing the happiness and delight it brings to their clients.