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Reality Stone

Starting at $1,750

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Elevate your reality with a one-of-a-kind ruby cut and polished to represent the powers of the Reality Stone. Peer into the intricate geometric patterns within each stone and glimpse the beauty of alternate realities. Each gemstone is a unique addition to our East Continental Gems x Marvel collection, cut and polished to embody the prestigious Infinity Stones.

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  • #160 of 300
    • Weight0.7 carats
    • Dimensions4.07 × 2.11 × 6.44 mm
    • OriginMozambique
    • EnhancementHeat
    Rectangular step cut
  • #163 of 300
    • Weight0.69 carats
    • Dimensions3.93 × 2.15 × 6.58 mm
    • OriginMozambique
    • EnhancementNo evidence of heat
    Rectangular step cut

Additional Cuts and Sizes available starting at $3,000 (3000)

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  • #74 of 300
    • Weight0.96 carats
    • Dimensions5.09 × 2.53 × 6.95 mm
    • OriginMozambique
    • EnhancementHeat
    Emerald cut
  • #75 of 300
    • Weight0.95 carats
    • Dimensions4.85 × 2.56 × 7.16 mm
    • OriginMozambique
    • EnhancementHeat
    Emerald cut


Infinity Gem Collection

What is the Reality Stone

The Reality Stone is one of the most unique Infinity Stones, having existed for centuries in a liquid form. It grants any user the ability to manipulate reality itself, including dark matter, perception, and the creation of alternate realities.

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Delivered by the world’s finest gem cutters, each raw ruby is pre-polished to eradicate surface impurities. They’re cut to perfection by dedicated craftsmen, allowing the inherent beauty of each to shine through. The Infinity Stones are the most coveted power in the Universe, and to represent this prestige we’ve curated a collection of the most beautiful rubies in the world.

Emerald Cut
Oval Mixed Cut

Sealed in collectible packaging

Your Infinity Stone comes in a one-of-a-kind protective case labeled with your stone’s series number. This durable, film-inspired briefcase enhances your gemstone’s value while keeping it safe until you obtain your own Infinity Gauntlet.

Watch the video

Discover the wonder of our Reality Stone collection

with this official video that offers a peak at these spectacular rubies.

Unite Them All

Collect all six Infinity Gems to unlock a custom, hand-crafted Infinity Gauntlet to display your stones with the power and prominence they deserve.

Learn more about the origins of the gauntlet here.

Need a custom order?

We’re committed to creating a personal experience with these awe-inspiring gemstones. If you have a custom order in mind or require special handling, contact us and our dedicated team will be happy to assist you.